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Marine + Coastal

We help design, build and re-develop systems which provide protection at the water’s edge, along the coast, in rivers, estuaries or at sea.
kilometers of coastline protected with our products and services
continents worked in over the past 10 years
% of the world population lives by the coast

Increase in global trade, sea level rise and stretched resources mean that marine and coastal infrastructure must constantly adapt.

We deliver systems which protect the coast, enhance resilience, and maintain port infrastructure across the globe.

To meet industry challenges, we bring specialist understanding to the entire range and life cycle of maritime structures, infrastructure and projects.

Whether assisting a client from concept to realisation, or focusing on a project specific challenge, we provide a full toolkit of products and services to resolve complex maritime engineering challenges.

Our distinctive collaborative approach allows us to design and deliver the most efficient, sustainable and innovative solutions.

Industry Leading Products

We provide a range of products which include:

  • Coastal Protection : we design, deliver and install a range of coastal protection systems which include geofabric barriers, grouted mattress systems and pre-cast concrete structures.
  • Scour Protection : we provide products which protect quay walls, revetments, and piles from being structurally undermined by the erosion of bed material caused by vessel propulsion.
  • Breakwaters : we design and manufacture marine structures which reduce water forces offshore before they reach land.
  • Inland Waterways : our inland waterway protection systems are constructed to prevent the beds of rivers, harbours and outlets from scour and wash, which can occur near hydraulic and marine structures.

Our products can be manufactured at one of our supply bases strategically located across each continent or through our local partnerships or can be manufactured on-site working with contractors to reduce costs.

Pioneering Services

We own, operate, and maintain state of the art offshore grouting equipment, suited for various grouting operations. Our offshore services include:

  • Pile Repairs : we provide grouting services to restore, protect and enhance the performance of marine piles.
  • Nearshore Grouting : our grouting solutions are used to fill voids which have occurred due to wash-out, install grouted products or provide structural enhancement to various marine infrastructure assets.
  • Construction Support : we offer construction support to contractors operating in the marine environment, from project management, engineering and delivery, to reduce costs and optimise delivery.

Our in-house engineering team carry out finite element method analysis and detailed designs to international codes and standards