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Oil + Gas

We provide services to the upstream oil and gas sector, supporting greenfield and brownfield developments, from construction to completion, delivery to decommissioning.
continents being worked across
strategically located office and bases
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Offshore oil and gas projects are inherently complex. We simplify them.

Our products and services are used to enhance, protect, and maintain a range of oil and gas assets, above and below the water.

We have developed, designed, and delivered solutions over decades which have successfully been installed around the world.  From subsea stabilisation products to offshore support services, we provide end-to-end solutions to the oil and gas sector.

We understand that the cost of our products and services are just a fraction of the total project and installation cost, so our focus is on delivering the most efficient and effective solution to meet the specification.

Our front-end team works with clients to understand the overall project goals and by incorporating our own proprietary systems, we design, manufacture and deliver industry leading products, and provide pioneering offshore services, driving our ambition for excellence.

Industry Leading Products

We provide a range of products which include:

  • Subsea Mattresses : we provide a range of standard and bespoke concrete, bitumen and geotextile mattresses used for pipeline and cable protection, support, foundations and anti-scour applications.
  •  Protection Structures : we design and manufacture various subsea protection covers in concrete, steel and composite materials, bespoke to project requirements.
  • Crossing Structures : we provide a range of standard crossing structures from crossing bridges to crossing supports, which can be customised to meet exact crossing arrangements.
  • Anti-Scour Solutions : we design, manufacture, and install a range of anti-scour solutions to subsea structures and pipelines.  These include artificial sea-grass systems, scour prevention systems and hybrid geotextile materials to reduce, remove and mitigate the impact of scour.
  • Bespoke Subsea Structures : we provide a range of bespoke subsea structures including clump weights, anti-trawl systems and deflector blocks.

Our products can be manufactured at one of our supply bases strategically located across each continent or through our local partnerships.

Pioneering Offshore Services

We own, operate, and maintain state of the art offshore grouting equipment, suited for various grouting operations. Our offshore services include:

  • Foundation Grouting : we provide grouting services to support offshore structures using standard and ultra-high-performance materials, for pile grouting, underbase grouting and rock socket grouting.
  • Freespan Correction : we design, manufacture, and install a range of fabric-formwork systems to support pipelines and spools where freespan has occurred and have a range of material technology to reduce volume and increase installation.
  • Jacket Strengthening :we provide a range of jacket strengthening services which include grouted members, clamp design and fabrication and jacket stabilisation.

Our in-house engineering team carry out finite element method analysis and detailed designs to international codes and standards, which are verified by independent class societies for engineering integrity.