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Protecting the Kingdom of Bahrain

Engaged to provide coastal protection products and services to prevent erosion at Al-Dur in the Kingdom of Bahrain


January 2020



kilometers of coastline enhanced
metres of protection installed
tonne of rock placed

Designing and delivering coastal protection products and services to the coast of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain's coastline stretches over 160km around the island, with the Gulf of Bahrain spanning the east coast.  The coastline is made up of seagrass meadows, coral reefs, mudflats and mangrove thickets which areas are important for the biodiversity of the area, providing habitats for invertebrates, juvenile fish, turtles and dugongs.

We were approached by a local contractor who had been engaged to enhance coastal protection to complete a feasibility study and make recommendations for the most suitable products to avoid damaging marine life.

High Performance. Low impact.

Our brief was to design a high performance system with the lowest environmental impact - ensuring that the coast remains protected for years to come. We adopted a risk based approach to assess options and their impact to develop a bespoke hybrid coastal protection solution which was successfully implemented and installed during September 2020.

Working closely with the contractor and other stakeholders, our project management and delivery services were provided to ensure materials and systems were installed to the correct specification.

We were delighted with the importance and focus on maintaining site heritage and marine conservation as part of a complex coastal protection system, interfacing with other coastal structures and a solution which could be installed in a hard to reach location

Marine conservation monitoring was carried out during the installation of our products and post-installation surveys confirmed that there is no apparent loss of or damage to existing marine life, resulting in an overall successful project.