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Protecting critical infrastructure in Guam

Designing and delivering subsea protection products and installation equipment for Healy Tibbitts and Guam Waterworks Authority


January 2021



products designs
tonne of concrete

Simplifying complex logistic challenges and enhancing installation to save time and money.

Located over 7,000 miles from the United States of America, Guam is an island 30 miles long and 4 to 12 miles wide, giving it an area of 212 square miles (which is roughly three-fourths the size of Singapore). 

The Effluent Outfall Diffuser Project was part of the Northern District Wastewater Treatment Plant (NDWWTP) upgrade works being completed by Main Contractor, Healy Tibbitts involving the installation of diffuser pipelines offshore.

Local solutions and global experience.

Our ability to provide local solutions with global experience enabled us to work in collaboration with Healy Tibbitts to support production of products locally in Guam, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in logistics costs, reducing our carbon footprint and promoting local trade.

Using our in-house design and fabrication services, we developed a smart frame which was capable of installing products without any subsea intervention, reducing costs and mitigating risk.

The ACB’s and the mat frame worked great. We were able to set the mats without divers. This was huge on the project and allowed us to finish one day early. I have never had a project on Guam finish early! 

Delivering on our promise of on-time and on-budget, the project was completed ahead of schedule bringing about savings and enabling this phase of works to be concluded.

We look forward to continuing to support Healy Tibbitts on future projects!