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Restoring Strength in Turkmenistan

Design, delivery and installation support of structural clamps to enhance integrity and extend life of service to platforms and jackets offshore Turkmenistan


January 2021


Oil + Gas



tonne of steel
MPa grout
assets restored

Designing smart clamps to enhance structural integrity to assets offshore Turkmenistan

Since 2010, Dragon Oil has been developing oil and gas fields in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea, increasing average daily hydrocarbon production by more than 10 times. A large amount of work has been completed modernising and developing the infrastructure of the Jeytun and Jygalybeg oil and gas fields and we were part of the solution to enhance the structural integrity of some of these assets.

We were approached by a consortium working to complete end-to-end services from design to delivery for our experience with offshore structural repairs, installation processes and material science.

Engineering success.

Our in-house design and engineering teams modelled offshore assets and carried out Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to optimise the design of clamps, before considering the most practicable, safest and most efficient installation arrangement.

The design of these clamps enabled us to install them without divers, prior to grouting them with high-performance cement materials to enhance the integrity

Fabrication works were carried out locally to reduce logistics and supported by our engineering team.  Recycled ultra-high performance grout was designed to be used to reduce the overall procurement costs and enable works to be expedited with materials available locally.

Additional works are planned for 2021 to 2025 and we look forward to being a part of these developments.

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